We believe that human dwellings should respond appropriately to their environment, evolve from the cosmology of the inhabitants of the land and operate in harmony with the ecosystem they are an integral part of.

We design what we build and we build what we design. We’ve found that our commitment and continuity from project inception through realization is the best way to fully serve our customers. We are committed to our customer’s satisfaction and we encourage their participation throughout the entire process.

Because each one of us and our shelter is intrinsically derived from the Earth, the name ECOShelter stems from the acronym for “Earth Centered Organic” Shelter. The Earth becomes our center as we utilize her organic materials to build Shelter. It’s that simple. And we believe that shelter should be simple; simple to design, simple to source, simple to construct, simple to own, and simple to operate. We further believe that shelter should be S.A.C.R.E.D. (safe, affordable, compassionate, responsible, ecological and deliberate). And most importantly, we understand that building shelter can become a reverent activity and we ardently assert that the design and construction of our shelter must be undertaken in a sacred manner in order to enhance and honor our intimate relationship with our magnificent planet.

ECOShelter Design + Build is able to provide complete architectural design and general contractor services. We have years of industry experience; a competent, capable staff; a friendly easy atmosphere and a commitment to satisfying results.


Site Analysis

Site Design

Ecological/Permaculture Design

Biomimicry Solutions & Collaboration

Building Design

Cost Estimating

General Contracting

Building Renovation & Repair

Project Management

Site Development

Education & DIY Support