We believe that design inspired by indigenous cultures in concert with native plant materials can provide guidance to create responsible, durable, resilient dwellings, gardens, landscapes and ecosystems.

ECOShelter Design + Build is able to provide complete architectural design and general contractor services. We have years of industry experience; a competent, capable staff; a friendly easy atmosphere and a commitment to satisfying results.

Sustainable & Straw Bale Building

Doug has worked in the construction industry for over forty years and has been licensed as an architect for more than thirty. Doug is the founder and owner of ECOShelter Design + Build which provides architectural design and general contracting services. He also operates Simple Shelter, Ltd., a tiny house development company.


These companies support and promote safe, affordable, compassionate, responsible, ecological and deliberate (sacred) shelter.


Contemporary Earthlodges

Our hope is to instill that sense of wonder and respect for the natural world.  Our Earthlodges derive their form and basic layout from the ancestral Earthlodges.  However,  our interpretations are typically designed with heating, plumbing, and electrical systems suiting the requirements of our clients.

We strive to incorporate:

» Building materials which promote a healthy indoor environment

» Local, reclaimed and salvaged materials

» Energy and resource conservation measures

» Passive solar design

» Alternative energy sources such as grid tied or stand-alone solar systems and wind generators, biomass heating and/or ground loop geothermal heating and cooling systems

» Natural and non-depleting building materials

We take time to ensure that building sites are carefully analyzed and selected.  We ensure that native planting materials are used in conjuction with permaculture concepts and land stewardship strategies which yield dwellings that become part of the landscape and natural ecosystem rather than architectural objects upon the land.  We believe that the integration of the built environment with the natural environment is essential for the long term viability of any project.  Our goal is to blend with the natural beauty of the Earth.


Simple Shelters

We believe that safe, affordable, healthy and attainable shelter must be made more readily available. This is especially critical with the mounting pressures of population growth, climate change and financial crises. Toward that end, we have developed a simple and easily transferable construction methodology that helps people build with available, local natural materials.


Creating shelter in this way promotes the safety, comfort and health of the occupants.  And also importantly, it promotes the health, diversity and stability of the surrounding ecosystem and community.  It is important to know that building ecologically reduces the impact of construction and the eventual deconstruction of each structure.  For long term thrive-ability, it is crucial that we plan for the end of a structure’s useful life and the reuse, repurposing and recycling of the building components.


Simplified construction processes means that shelter becomes attainable to a greater number of people.  Simple skills, that are easily learned and passed along, greatly increase the effective reach of every shelter created.  It is our belief that building in a manner that is reverent and complimentary with natural processes, will inevitably yield richer, more resilient communities.